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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is a supplement to the terms and conditions and applies to the use of the Torrequebrada App-Services and the utilization of all other offered services on Torrequebrada App. The privacy policy available online at Torrequebrada App at the time of a user’s specific visit or at the time of the specific use of a Torrequebrada App service will be applied. By using Torrequebrada App services the user fully accepts this privacy policy. Otherwise the use of any Torrequebrada App-Service is not permitted. This privacy policy is in English, only.


To facilitate the registration for users and to reduce the threat of scammers and spammers the user has two possibilities for registration: Registration with email: Here we access the data of the user, which he has specified during the registration process. The profile data given by the user must be truthful and complete and must continuously be kept up-to-date.


If possible, anonymized data is used. The collected data (especially the email address) will not be shared with third parties, neither for commercial reasons nor other reasons except the user has explicitly given his permission to do so or the Operator is obliged to do so for statutory reasons (e.g. criminal prosecution). Anonymized user data (including technical data – e.g. browser) and data which was created within the Torrequebrada -Services can indeed be used for optimization of the page as well as for marketing activities. By using the Torrequebrada App-Services the user gives his explicit permission, explicitly agrees and abstains from demands of any claims (e.g. due to infringement of the data protection), that the specified and given information by the user can be saved and shared with governmental institutions (police, courts, authorities), which investigate material and content, which was distributed by the user or which refer to illegal activities performed by the user.


When requesting the deletion of an account all personal data and entries of a user including the possibly received permissions for other providers will be deleted or will be made unrecognizable. The Operator remains the right to take up to 4 weeks to finally delete the data. It should be noted that the timely deletion of search results in search engines cannot be guaranteed by the Operator.

General Information and Final Provisions

The Operator is not liable for unauthorized access of user data like e.g. by hackers or system errors. The Operator remains the right to amend this privacy policy at any time. An explicit reference to the change of the privacy policy will not be made. The privacy policy shall automatically and periodically be reviewed by the users to check for changes.

This privacy policy shall be subject to Estonian law, excluding the UN Convention of International Sale of Goods and the reference norms (IPRG, EVÜ, etc.). The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the relevant court in Tallinn, Estonia.

If individual stipulations of this privacy policy should be or become ineffective, invalid or unworkable, this shall not touch the legal effectiveness of the other stipulations of this privacy policy. In place of the ineffective, invalid or unworkable stipulation, a valid and workable regulation shall apply which approximates as closely as possible to that the contract partners would have economically intended if the contract partners would have pursued with the ineffective, invalid or unworkable stipulation. The above stipulations apply accordingly in the event that the contract is shown to be incomplete.

Privacy Policy Version: 2018-03-25
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